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Warthog ATV, Warthog Axle, ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Axle

Have you ever felt that OEM axles are just too skinny to handle all the torque from your high horsepower motor? The beefy Warthog axles are the perfect complement to allow you to push your machine to the limits.  Whether you are blazing across dunes, racing down trails, or blasting through deep mud holes, Warthog Heavy Duty Axles give you the strength and durability to tackle a variety of terrains.  Warthog axles are industry tested and have proven to outperform other brands in the same class.

What We Can Offer

RZR 1000Warthog Heavy Duty Axles are made of industry-leading chromoly steel, along with enlarged shafts and CV joints to achieve optimal strength.  The Superior Induction Hardening process has been applied to all major components to give extra durability.  CNC precision machined CV joints filled with top-notch moly grease provide low friction and smooth motion.  Warthog CV boots are made of TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) which is a tougher material in comparison to rubber or neoprene. TPEE provides excellent puncture and flex fatigue resistance as well as a broad service temperature range.  The combination of all these features result in long lasting Warthog Axles.

What differentiates Warthog Heavy Duty Axle from other after-market axle brands is not only the quality of the components but also the optimized machining processes used in manufacturing. In addition, our stringent quality control system ensures consistency in craftsmanship and maximum performance.

Gear up for your next fascinating outdoor adventure with Warthog Heavy Duty Axles.

Warthog ATV provides ATV/UTV heavy duty axles for the following brands:

  • Polaris
  • Can-Am
  • Arctic Cat
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Suzuki

Key Features


With Warthog ATV, You can expect:Warthog Axle

  • Fully assembled complete axles
  • Enlarged shaft and CV joints are made of high quality chromoly steel for optimal strength and toughness.
  • Superior Induction Heat treatment is applied to all major components for excellent durability.
  • TPEE Boots offer ideal strength and stiffness with dynamic flex fatigue and puncture resistance.
  • CNC precision machined CV joints filled with top-notch moly grease provide low friction and smooth motion.
  • One year warranty